Unreal Circumstances

In this universe, things are never as they seem.

Setting: Planet Earth, 2025 AD
Plot: Contact with a new species was made five years ago in the year 2020, when a space-faring vessel crash-landed in the Gulf of Alaska. The aliens that were rescued appear to be wolf like in nature. After one year they learned the Earth dialect, English, and contacted their home-world and other colonies, telling them what happened. Now many of these aliens - Kirza, is what they call themselves - roam the Earth freely, mingling with the citizens of Earth, and assisting the governments in their advances to get to the outer reaches of space. However, not all Kirza are friendly, and many are just as corrupt as their Earthen counterparts.



posted by Alucai Vivorvel on 2nd Mar 2013, 4:32 PM

Considering I haven't updated in over a year... somehow I suspect I never will. My digital art was crap anyway.

Instead, I have other plans for Unreal Circumstances. The title may change, but keep an eye out for the Kirza and this universe that I have created... though it may be another few years before you hear of me again.

Until we meet again~!

P.S.: I'm a brony now. Isn't that neat? /)^3^(\

Writing Done... but.

posted by Alucai Vivorvel on 23rd Feb 2012, 7:13 PM

Okay, so, I've written out all of Chapter One, and then some, which is all I need to start drawing again. Actually, it's been done for almost a week now. The problem is, I have either no time to draw with all my homework, or I have a big art project (usually a Sketchbook assignment, in which we have to, well, sketch things). Is it ironic that I took a Visual Arts course in order to improve my art, only to have no time to do so outside of school? Yes. Is it funny (either meaning)? No, it's not. And I assure you, this (very) lengthy hiatus, which is inexusable seeing as how I only have one comic up, is not intentional. To add on top of all this, I had to send in my 2GB of RAM to Corsair because one of them was defective, and I bought them as a pair. I'm currently getting by on 1GB of some no-name US brand, and while that may seem like a lot, it really isn't when you're using Windows Vista (thank God it's 32-bit, otherwise I wouldn't be able to use my PC at all).

Writing Hiatus

posted by Alucai Vivorvel on 10th Dec 2011, 8:03 PM

Hi everybody, Unreal Circumstances (is/will be) on hiatus, due to me having a writer's block after the first few pages. I don't work well when I have to worry about the art and the story, so I'm going to have to take a break while I write out as much of the story as I need to. I often have many different ideas floating around in my head, and I need to cement which are suitable for UC. This hiatus will likely last until after Christmas, but I may have some filler (sketches) for you. Or not. I'm still trying to get the character designs pinned down.

Stay subscribed via RSS if you would like to know when I finally update again. I apologize for so many delays getting this thing going.

Chapter Cover & First Comic!

posted by Alucai Vivorvel on 23rd Nov 2011, 9:36 PM

Everything is finally complete! The first chapter cover, and the first comic, are uploaded! :D

The only thing that's left to do now (besides get to work on the next comic) is work out the aesthetic kinks in stuff like the comments, etc. Feel free to leave one so I know if they work or not! (Preferably on the comic's page, not the cover page.)

I strongly recommend subscribing by RSS (little link down near the bottom), as there's no telling when I'll update next! (Hopefully next Wednesday, but that may or may not come to pass. We'll see!)

Chapter Cover

posted by Alucai Vivorvel on 22nd Nov 2011, 10:56 AM

I'm going to hold off for now on uploading the first comic. Yes, I'm finally done, completely. The problems I was having with permissions and GIMP were bypassed by starting it as Administrator. That leads me to believe there are still some Ownership issues, but... *shrugs*

The reason I'm going to not upload the comic, after all this time, is because I want to create a cover for the first Chapter. If I ever release this thing in print (kinda doubtful about that, but I'm only just beginning), I'll need pages to separate the chapters, you know? Don't expect anything incredibly fancy or beautiful, just something to denote "Chapter One".

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