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Species (History):
Human [Home planet: Earth.]: After the termination of the US space shuttle program in 2011, private space technology firms worked together to create the most powerful rocket made since the Apollo. Using this, and a specially-designed capsule system, humanity remained active in space, further expanding the International Space Station until it became a low-orbit base of operations for the Planetary Defense Force. For years, the PDF had nothing better to do than shoot high-powered lasers at distant asteroids, to deter them from heading towards Earth. But when they detected a small object hurtling towards the Earth at speeds far greater than that of an asteroid, they scrambled to intercept it. When they discovered that it was a starship, and that it seemed damaged (that is, it was asymmetrical, and half of what looked like a wing was missing), they decided not to destroy it, but rather let it crash into the ocean and salvage what they could of it. The moment it touched the water, systems aboard the ship lit up, and sent out a weakened distress signal over standard radio channels. The ship released five of what appeared to be cryo escape pods, before finally sinking to the bottom of the ocean. When the US Navy recovered the pods, they automatically opened, presumably because they detected nearby, intelligent life. Inside three of the pods were crew members, while the fourth and fifth pods contained supplies (food, weapons, etc.). The crew was immediately taken to the medical centre aboard one of the ships, while the supplies were transported to an undisclosed military base for examination. When the crew awoke, they were at first hostile to their “handlers”, but settled down when they were shown images of their pods. It took some time before they cooperated with military personnel, but finally they accepted their situation, and, through a translator that was hastily put together using data that was collected since their awakening, agreed to language lessons in English. They learned, and subsequently mastered, the language in less than a year. The crew’s lives aboard the ship were filled with storytelling about their home planet, Kirza. They told little about where their home was in regards to which system it was in, and other similar details, but barely hesitated when talking about their culture. During the first month of the following year, the Kirza, as they called themselves, contacted their homeworld of the same name, told them what happened and that humans were friendly, and then promptly invited more of their kind to come to Earth, to dwell among the humans, experience Earthen culture, and possibly establish a business relationship with the governments of Earth. This relationship soon became much more, and now it is common to see Kirza and Humans together in public.