HumanAll you need to know from a human perspective, from 2011 to first contact to present time.

KirzaAll that is presently known about the Kirza, their homeworld, and their culture.



Human Cast

Ian Worlif: The leader of Second Platoon, First Squad. He cares about those under his command, and will try everything in his power to prevent harm from coming to them. Sometimes he makes some innocent mistakes, which may or may not have very significant consequences.

Sally Dreyan: Very vain. The world revolves around her, and all that. Treats those below her like dirt. Perhaps a bit ironically, she has no problem following orders.

Carol Hughman: A humourless redhead; takes everything very seriously. Hard-working and dedicated to any task she sets her mind to, she gets incredibly annoyed when she sees someone goofing off instead of working. She is very loyal to her squad commander.


Kirzan Cast

Hevrik Siven: The "Alpha", or leader, of the Luminican Mercenaries Group. He is tough, and has a dry sense of humour. He has two scars on his face, one across his left eye and a long one across his muzzle. Combined, they somewhat resemble the number "7". His fur is maroon-coloured, and he has green eyes. Loves to give orders, but doesn't enjoy receiving them himself.

Sivwal Incanier: A mischevious prankster, and a trained demolition expert. Combined, these traits make him a dangerous individual, but only if you get on his bad side. Besides blowing stuff up, his hobbies include: studying ancient military craft, Human or Kirzan; writing poetry; and stargazing. (When on a Kirzan ship, he will make any outward-facing walls translucent; otherwise, he'll use holographic projectors on the walls and ceiling in order to view the stars.) Fur is dark grey, but he dyes the top of his head red to mimic human styling of hair. Eyes are blue.

Anae Lighburn: She is quick on her feet and with her head, and can immediately find any tactical advantage over an opponent. She hates losing, but is not afraid to retreat if it means living to fight another day. She has the utmost respect for Hevrik, who pulled her from the streets, got her in tip-top shape, and made her a member of one of the most successful mercenary groups in Kirzan space. She has white fur, unusual for high-born Kirzan, and brown eyes.